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A joke book that teaches you how to be funny!

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Finally! Learn the OFFICIAL rules to stuff you've always wondered about!

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Learn how to pull the perfect prank using silly voices, funny faces and other forms of physical humor.



Follow a cast of fictional characters into a joke-making lab, where you'll learn to create your own jokes. Each chapter explores the ins and outs of humor and explains how to use techniques such as surprise, exaggeration, contrast, comparison, and more to punch up an ordinary sentence into something funnier!


By the end of the book, you'll have

a set of tools in your joke belt that

will keep your friends and

family laughing. So if you want

to be funnier - or just want 

to laugh the afternoon away - 

check out The Joke Machine!

DISCLAIMER: Reading this book may cause intense laughter.

The author is not responsible for uncontrollable giggling, guffawing,

hipping, hooting and hollering that may lead to sides splitting

and bellies jiggling. 

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The Joke Machine

Table of Contents

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Theresa Julian

Theresa Julian writes humorous children’s fiction, nonfiction, screenplays and teleplays. She loves words and her favorite thing to do is put them together in ways that make people laugh. When she's not writing, Theresa likes to run, eat chocolate, and lip sync to her favorite songs even though she never knows the lyrics. Theresa always wished she had a superpower, but makes a really mean eggplant parmigiana so…

maybe that counts?


In addition to The Joke Machine, Theresa has sold dozens of humorous stories to Amazon Rapids which are consistently listed on the Popular and Funny rows on the Amazon app. Theresa is also the author of a humorous tween TV pilot and two screenplays that have all won or placed in multiple national writing competitions.

Theresa is a magna cum laude graduate of Boston College and has a Master of Arts in Corporate Communication from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

The Joke Machine:

A Creative Writing Tool Disguised as a Joke Book

So, two guys walk into a bar…


Wait, that’s not how I meant to start. I meant to start by telling you that The Joke Machine is a new non-fiction book that teaches middle graders how to create their own jokes and become funnier. I’m nervous because my spellcheck mysteriously switched into Hungarian and I can’t tell if words are misspelled.


Spelling words wrong is something I do knot want to do. I know the importance of proper spelling, it’s something my feather taught me. If I mix up even two letters, this whole post is urined.

Now you’re probably wondering, is she kidding about the spellchecker? The urined post? And most importantly, what happened to the guys who walked into a bar? Well, the answers are yes, yes, and two guys walked into a bar – the third one ducked.

Woman Tutoring Child

Apologies for a long introduction, I just wanted to make you laugh. Making someone laugh is one of the best feelings in the world. Humor is vital in life, because it helps people connect, build rapport and trust, and it reduces stress and social differences. It’s hard to be mad at someone you’re laughing with.

Technology at School

The premise of The Joke Machine is unique – that being funny is a skill you can learn, practice and polish – there’s no “funny gene” you need to be born with.


Each chapter explores a different style of joke making, such as how to use surprise, contrast, comparison, exaggeration and more to create funny lines. Each chapter includes a “Your Turn” section that offers exercises, tips, and formulas for children to create their own funny lines, and lots of sample jokes. By the end of the book, readers have a set of tools in their joke belt to make their friends and family actually LOL.


The true magic of The Joke Machine is that it teaches a difficult, almost mysterious subject using basic tenets of English, in a fun, funny, kid-friendly way, that keeps readers laughing and turning the pages.

Now I’m going to tell you a secret. Lean in, because I’m going to whisper this so kids don’t hear. Though The Joke Machine explains how kids can become funnier, it’s also a book that teaches them how to express themselves more creatively and how to become better, more confident writers.


The Joke Machine teaches basics, such as using similes, metaphors, homonyms, homophones, etc., to punch up sentences, but the real message is deeper. The real message is reaching past the plain “vanilla” and expressing yourself more creatively, confidently, and humorously.


For example, The Joke Machine teaches middle graders to create humor by comparing two things that don’t ordinarily go together, by using irony to call out an unusual situation, and by using literalness to respond to someone’s actual words instead of their meaning.

The book explains how to fancy-schmancy it up by using specific details, too.  It shows how to change “my shoes smell bad” into “my shoes that smell like they’ve been in my gym locker since second grade”. The book encourages kids to play with words, punch up puns, twist common

catchphrases, exaggerate and understate facts, and even invent words that their friends will understand just by their sound.


Finally, The Joke Machine teaches middle graders to be more confident writers because being funny is about teasing out your message, having the courage to say something and then pull it back. It’s presenting a thought, then twisting, bending and reversing it. It’s like starting with “two guys walk into a bar” and then admitting that’s not what you want to talk about – but now that I have your attention, stick with me. It’s about thinking outside of the box, playing with a message, and holding your reader’s attention, all the way down to the very last line.

In the Classroom

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